Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 Redlands Tour of the Emerald Necklace

IF you by chance haven't signed up, whatcha' waiting for??? This is the best way to spend a day on two wheels! Good food, good people, great route.

Woody's If you're looking for some reasons OTHER than the the food, people, route, here's something to think about:
 1) The ride has attracted the attention of many of our area's most creative food community; business like Augies, ala minute, Hanger 24, Escape Brewery, Sabines and many others. If enrollment for the ride is high, these businesses will pay attention to the cycling community and be more likely to support our club and bike friendly public initiatives.

 2) The ride will highlight open-space features of our town and provide information about some of our unique public recreation amenities. High participation will encourage politicians and city officials to continue to support acquisition and development of public lands. Low turnout will not.

 3) The ride is a combination of a challenging course with 35 miles and over 2000' of climbing and terrific food stops to allow both well-trained and less accomplished riders to do at their pace

 4) 3 brewery stops

 5) The ride supports the good work of the Redlands Conservancy that hopes to make this an annual event

 6) 3 brewery stops

 7) All for $35

 If you have other family or friends who are less accomplished or motivated riders there is a shorter flatter version of the ride that eliminates almost all of the climbing but retains many of the cool stops. In fact, it will stop at the site downtown where the alley behind Oscar’s is being made into an urban park.

RSR 50km pre-ride

Here's the link showing the full 35 mile route:

And the shorter/flatter 20 mile route:

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