Monday, July 6, 2009

Team Healthy Redlands // Meeting at Redlands City Council

When: Tuesday July 7
Time: 7 PM
Where: Redlands City Council Meeting

Patty Peoples will be presenting a wrap-up briefing to the City Council. Marianne Baldwin, Director of Marketing for Beaver Medical Group, will be doing the final incentive prize drawing ($250 debt card, courtesy of BMG) chosen from all the Team Healthy Redlands (THRED) members that qualified.

If possible, a group photo will be taken of all the THRED members that show up - the more the better!

Hopefully, you will be able to attend the City Council meeting on the 7th and show your support for this program and for Healthy Programs in general for our Community.

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You are free to leave after the drawing. It would be fabulous if the winner of the drawing is present, but it is not a requirement in order to receive the prize - if your name is drawn.

Patty will keep us posted of any new Challenges that Healthy Redlands endorses. Meanwhile, we hope you are continuing to exercise regularly to help insure a better qualify of life for yourself. We look forward to leading you in the future towards achieving your fitness/health/athletic or personal goals. Remember, every time you move, you are moving one step closer to a better qualify of life. Commit to your self and reap the benefits - feeling better about your self! When you work-out it's ALL ABOUT YOU! Schedule an "appointment" with your self and KEEP the appointment! Happy 4th of July Weekend to you and your families! Hope to see you at the City Council Meeting (7 PM) on July 7!

Keep Moving,
Patty Peoples
Team Captain
Team Healthy REDlands


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Anonymous said...

Team Captain Patty will be making presentations, I had a blast being a part of the team, but will not be making any presentations, Patty deserves a ton of kudos for this great effort!!!