Monday, July 20, 2009

Redlands to San Diego and back by bike and Metrolink

I'm back from a week in San Diego - but I had my bike this time! From Solana Beach I rode the 101 to Downtown San Diego. During the week it was great to ride around town and mix it up with the pedi-cabs and traffic. I was actually yelled at by a pedi-cab driver for not moving quick enough after the light turned green! THE NERVE!

Friday morning a friend and I made the ride up to Solana Beach, and I dropped her off and continued up to Oceanside - 52 miles in all.

I just caught the Metrolink back to San Bernardino. The train moves through Camp Pendleton and past Trestles then San Clemente, then heads inland.

The sun was just setting as I made the ride back through San Bernardino into Redlands, and the streets were pretty empty.

A great day and a great way to travel! It's definetely all closer than I thought...

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