Friday, July 12, 2013

Redlands Bicycle Parking Input

Hello bicycle commuters,

With a lack of bicycle parking facilities in Redlands and a growing
population of bicycle commuters, there was a recent desire for public input
about where bike racks should be installed. As mentioned in previous emails
after the public hearing on this issue, there was no effective means to
determine where hot spots for more bicycle parking are. To get the best
understanding of bicyclers' needs and facilitate action from the City, we
finally have a platform through which your voice can be heard.

As interns on the Server Usage team in Support Services, Steven Sifferman,
Matt Thomas, and myself decided to tackle this issue for our intern project.
We have just launched a web map for you, bicycle commuters of Redlands, to
plot points where you would like to see a bike rack in the future. These
should be places you have visited that do not have a bicycle parking
facility or have inadequate parking.

The web map can be accessed through an Internet browser at your home or
office, as well as through the ArcGIS Mobile app from the field. It is
titled "Redlands Bike Rack Collector App" and can be found by searching or
using this link:

Each point you plot is a vote. So, for example, if you notice that there is
already a point in front of Augie's Coffee House, don't overlook it... put
another point on top of it! We will be creating a density surface to
visualize the spatial distribution of demand for new bike racks, so we need
dense clusters of points for our output to accurately highlight areas in

We also have a layer for known existing bike racks. You can click on these
points and edit their attributes (e.g. ownership, bike capacity, etc.). This
input is also greatly appreciated to help maintain accurate, up-to-date
information on Redlands bike racks.

This web map will be closed for editing on Monday, July 22, so make sure you
make your edits in the following weeks!

Thanks for your input. We will get back to you with the results at the end
of the month. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


  Branden Belajac
  Technical Support Services Intern
  Server Usage

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Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant idea! Thank you for considering the needs of the cyclists in our community.

Awesome job you guys did.