Monday, May 6, 2013

Redlands Bike Lanes Need Your Support!

Forwarded from an email, please take a moment to read and act tomorrow night:
RYF support needed!
Please see message below from Craig Kundig
About 6 months ago I sent all the major cycling groups in Redlands a note about funding loses for bike lanes. I said that I would only contact you when something was very important and I needed your help. That time is now. 

Many uninformed people have contacted the City and the newspapers about the bike lanes. They don't understand them, don't like the green paint, don't like cyclist because we have a reputation for breaking traffic laws, think it is a waste of the cities money and the list goes on. There have been some great response published already, but it's not enough. We, the cycling community of Redlands are letting the Council and our city down by not showing enough support for the lanes. Lets change that. 

The cycling community of Redlands needs to FILL the council chambers Tuesday night at 6 pm and show support for this program. There is nothing on the agenda, but there is plenty of discussion and it is time to show support before the opposition gets strong. The opportunity to say thank you for what the city is doing is during the public comments.  Hopefully our club, group, event or team leaders can speak briefly to show support and appreciation for the city being progressive, the way they have gotten cyclist involved and that it is making Redlands a better, safer place to ride.
NOTE: This comes early in the program, so you won't be there late. 
PLEASE do not assume you aren't needed, or there will be enough representation. This attitude cost cycling infrastructure millions in federal cuts that may take years to recover. We can't fix that but we can support this. 

Thank You in Advance

Craig Kundig
Cyclery USA 

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