Friday, October 5, 2012

Copenhagen, Why Not?

This is the city of Copenhagen's web site page for cyclists.

Notice it's promotional in nature. Notice it's in English. This isn't for residents, it's advocacy for the rest of the world. If Copenhagen can do this, Redlands can too! Perhaps easier. We're smaller, have a great climate, relatively high SES, and an amazingly high percentage of residents work in the city, something like 70% which is unheard of. So with all these factors in place, how come only a few percent of us ride bikes to work/school/errands? I'm not referring to recreational cycling, which I do plenty of, but hopping on a bike and riding to work (for most people in town, that's downhill!). Riding a bike to school. Picking up some wine and cheese at Trader Joe's. Going to the Krikorian to catch the newest summer movie.

All these are totally doable. Dedicated bike lanes are great (have you been on Olive, it's amazing!) but really that's a stripe of paint. Don't let that be what limits you. The streets in town are wide, drivers are hella' courteous, and there are a LOT of other people riding, too!. Hop on your bike and take a spin around town. Go to the movies. Ride to work! Chances are you might just like it!

Copenhagen is the gold-standard of a cycling friendly city. I'm OK with copper, bronze or cro-moly.

And now, that video everyone likes. Everyone sure looks miserable in it, don't they!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that I haven't linked in with bikeRedlands. I moved back to Redlands a year ago and have been riding my bike to work just 3 miles one way. I'm telling my coworkers to ride on Fridays. I want to start a movement to do exactly what this blog is talking about. Can't wait to go to this event this weekend.

cyclotourist said...

Well it's great that you stopped on by! We try to keep up w/ all the happenings about town, as well as bike advocacy in general. Thanks for spreading the word! I see more and more people riding and walking every day, so I think there's a near critical mass happening!