Monday, August 27, 2012

Carriage Trail Clean-Up and Riding Extravaganza

Have you been on the Carriage Trail yet? If not, how dare you call yourself a Redlands cyclist! It's one of the best pieces of dirt we have here. You can pick it up on the west end off of San Tim right by the bridge near Fern, or enter it from the east end off of Alessandro. Windy, smooth, fast and beautiful. Get out and ride it!

One big problem for cyclists (and dogs!) is that the east end off of Alessandro is COVERED with goatheads. None of the plants are really big yet, but there are a lot of them along the frontage and the trail itself.

Sooooo, in order to make this better for everyone, we're having a picking party this Sunday morning, Sept 2nd at 8:00. It'll be nice and cool (coming after a minor heat wave this week), not too early and with enough time built in to have a little celebratory ride afterward.

So bring work gloves, a hand trowel and a kitchen-size trash bag. No need for shovels. These are easy to dig out. Should be an hour of work.

Map to show you exactly where we're talking about:

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