Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beer + Bikes + A Good Cause! Mark Your calendar!

Updated schedule here:

Do you like beer? I do!

Do you like bikes? Really, me too!!!

So wow, it's like the place for us to be on Aug 25th would be Charlie Jewels!

Why you ask?

Because the Inland Empire Bicycle Alliance (check them out!) is throwing a party! New Belgium Brewing is helping out (chem them out as well!). You get to watch the US Pro Tour with like-minded enlightened individuals. Drink beer at a good place that you should be patronising already, AND support a good cause.

There is NO downside to this, people!

Linkety-link to show the details:

Get to it!


Mark Friis said...

Looking at 3 locations: Charlie Jewel's, Eureka and Wild Rocket. The deal is suppose to be free commemorative glass, $3 beers and watch the race. $1 of every beer goes to the IEBA. LOVE NEW BELGIUM!
More to come!

cyclotourist said...

25th is right around the corner... keep us posted!!!