Friday, May 25, 2012

CA Three-Foot Passing Law Is One Step Closer to Passing

Copied/pasted verbatim from email action alert:

TransForm Alert

Great news to start the long weekend: Senate voted 27-6 to pass SB 1464! 

Twenty-one states already have laws that specify a minimum passing distance for drivers passing bicyclists. But not California. Yet.

This morning, the California Senate voted 27-6 to pass SB 1464, which would require drivers to give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when overtaking them from behind in the same lane.

You and more than 2,000 people sent emails in the past week and it's clear our leaders got the message: bicyclists need more protection. Thank you!

The next stop for SB 1464 is the Assembly Transportation Committee. Once it gets out of Committee and goes to the full Assembly, we’ll ask you to email your Assembly person.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll:

1. Read more about the California Bicycle Coalition’s Give Me Three campaign.

2. Sign up for emails from TransForm or you’ll only hear from us about SB 1464. TransForm advocates for better biking, walking and public transportation options in California, which I know you’re all about!

3. Get out on your bike this weekend to celebrate!

Thank you for helping make our roads safer… and happy Memorial Day weekend.

- Marta

Marta Lindsey, Communications Director
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