Monday, September 19, 2011

We (Finally) Have Bike Lanes!! What comes next?

Photo by Adam Lissey
Congratulations, Redlands! You officially have bike lanes!

(map here)

As part of the recent road improvements in Redlands, the bike lanes went along with some brand new asphalt.

This took us all by surprise, to say the least! We scrambled when we say the faint guide marks in the pavement. We gasped when we thought they were too close to the parking lane. And we rejoiced when we saw those wonderful beacons of safety and a sense of belonging appeared on the otherwise intimidating yet comfortably wide streets of Redlands. 

What comes next?

I had the chance to speak with Mayor Pete Aguilar and Council member Jon Harrison this past weekend, and I had the same message. Myself, the Mayor, Mr. Harrison along with another non-cycling member of Redlands, decided that with enough public support and an appropriate vocal presence at the odd City Council meeting, would be enough to get the rest of the bike lanes striped. 

Redlands Moving Planet Ride For Bike Lanes

This *Saturday, September 24* there will be a ride at Augies Coffee Shop, in Downtown Redlands, at 12 noon. For a few hours we'll ride around the new lanes, some of the routes marked as "proposed", and a few others we think are great routes for striping.

This ride will join the thousands of other events around the world in an event called Moving Planet. While our event might be smaller than others, it is no less important.  

Why Bike Lanes?

Getting out of our cars and riding bicycles in a town that has perfect riding days all year round sounds like a no-brainer - but have you been on those roads lately? As I mentioned, they are not for everybody. While some in Redlands ride because they can, others ride because they have to, and there are plenty more who want to ride, but are afraid. Bike lanes means bicycles - vehicles of the road - have a place to ride on our roads. 

Stay In Touch!

This blog, along with our facebook page, and twitter account, will be the place to stay in touch and listen for when you're needed.

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Is the ride planned for Sat or Sun @ noon?

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