Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Measure O and a New Walmart? We want Bike Lanes to Get There!

The Measure O heating up here in Redlands. We here at BikeRedlands have our reservations about Walmarts and Big Box stores in general, but for a different reason - they're built way out on the outskirts of town with little non-motorized transportation infrastructure in place to serve the people.

Translation - if/when this new Walmart goes in - EVERYONE will have to drive there!

Check out this map I made:

(ESRI Flex Samples)

This is a visualization of a 2-minute drive time to the new Walmart location.

Within that area, only ~3,300 people actually live.

Redlands has a population over 80,000. That means that if Walmart is going to serve the City, as they say the will, the rest of us are FORCED to drive there.

So - to the Mayor of Redlands, and to Walmart - Where are the bike lanes?


Anonymous said...

Instead of worrying about bike lanes to a new WalMart, I hope you will vote Yes on measure O. A YES vote will keep out all supercenters. You are right in saying that supercenters are usually built on the outskirts of town, because that is the only place with room enough for such large structures. The proposed supercenter in Redlands is the size of four football fields. By forcing everyone to drive across town to get to it, there will be in increase in air pollution, traffic, and other negative environmental impacts. Yes, we need bike lanes in Redlands. We DON"T need supercenters. VOTE YES ON O!

BlackpollWarbler said...

Since Redlands is broke (might have to lay off 57 workers - will decide today...) the argument FOR Walmart is to bring in tax revenue, right?

I think Walmart should build a Neighborhood store or two or three in Redlands. That would really add to the town...

cyclotourist said...

A big new Walmart is a zero sum gain for revenue. There already is a Walmart bringing in revenue. Groceries at a new one are NON TAXABLE items, so would only drain sales from established businesses like Staters and Vons. The increase in services the new store would demand would possibly be a net loss to the city! Plus the only thing that would go into the old building is another frickin' church, which would be tax exempt as well.

BlackpollWarbler said...