Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cellphone Driver vs. Cyclists - with a happy ending!

Last night two of us were riding after dark down Cypress. At the 4-way stop at Cajon and Cypress, we stopped and waited for the cars to go ahead of us.

As we started our turn into the intersection, a car came to the stop, barely hesitated, and kept going through the stop sign, then slamming on the breaks when they almost hit my companion.

This alone really ticks me off, but what made it worse was the lady driving the car was talking on her CELLPHONE!

My usual action, in this case, was to ride directly in front of her with my head to my ear, ie. her holding a cellphone, and wait until she got the idea. Usually, they don't get the idea, and they drive away as if I was the one causing the problem.

But this time, to my sheer amazement, she ended her call, put down her phone, looked me right in the eyes, and nodded in approval of my...well...disapproval!

Thank you for your understanding, mystery cellphone driver!

And please, stay off your cellphones while driving. It's not just cars on the road!

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