Thursday, December 3, 2009

The growth of Women's cycling in the IE

The Team PossAbilities Elite cycling team successfully put on a women’s cycling clinic back in the summer and have continued to work towards growing women’s cycling in our area. With the largest hurdle being to get women out riding bikes, luckily,a few of the PossAbilities women members would both lead and sweep a women’s only ride Wednesday. 5:45PM at Redlands Cyclery USA with the purpose to making sure everyone was having fun and learning. The ride intended to support all skill levels, but the group was usually focused on honing group riding skills and would ride out in the industrial area just north of San Bernardino Ave.

As the daylight is now scarce, so are the evening rides. However when we get the light back we will be out in full force again, so be prepared to see large groups of women riding around town.
Another women’s clinic will be in the works for next year so stay tuned.

We have started a Facebook group that if you are not a man and like to ride you should join! It's "Womens Cycling - Inland Empire".

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