Friday, October 17, 2008

Volunteers needed - Redlands Bulldog Triathlon and 5k Run, Walk & Roll

Who: YOU
What: Volunteer to help as a Road Marshal during the 2 lap, 11 mile Bike Leg section of the Triathlon
When: Sunday October 19th 6:30-10:00 AM
Where: Info Booth at the corner of Brockton Ave. and N University
(Ted Runner Stadium) and ask for Patty Peoples or Theresa Lake and get details from them.
Why: To make sure the Triathletes and motorists don't mix on course and point the Triathletes on course
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cyclotourist said...

I'm gonna' ride down and volunteer. If anyone else is, we should do a social sort of a ride after the race!

JB said...
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JB said...

Check out Estes' photo of the rig whose passenger can lay claim to the coolest dad! Even pulled the tike in the raft!

cyclotourist said...

Hey, this was a pretty fun event. A LOT of diversity out there. I thought it would be just full of serious, hard-core triatheletes. Instead, probably 1/2 the participants had upright hybrid or mtn bikes w/ knobbies. Another 1/4 of them had road bikes, but seemed pretty regular. Maybe 1/4 were the full on pro/am triatheletes out there making time. One guy was riding a fixie and hanging mid-pack. The guy pulling his kid in the trailer & boat was doing pretty good. A hand-cyclist was out there. Cool thing was: They were all having FUN, which is what it's all about, last I checked!

JB said...

The first annual Bulldog Redlands Tri got some great press too in the Daily Facts: Check it.